The SHIFT Project is a Physical fitness & youth mentoring initiative created by. IFBB PRO Bodybuilder and Certified Trainer  Ken Jones - owner and operator of Level One Fitness. During the winter of 2013, Ken responded to the urgent need to provide alternative activities for the residents at Shamar Hope Haven Residential Treatment Center, and, has since, worked to develop a partnership with the Shamar Center and Unfamiliar Talent Youth & Family Services Inc., to build capacity for the SHIFT Project. 


In addition to the health benefits, SHIFT provides a platform to help teenagers build social skills and character development, preparing youth to make a productive transition from teenager to responsible adulthood. SHIFT is an intensive physical fitness & mentoring project designed to benefit every participant and make a meaningful impact, regardless of the participant’s personal limitations.


SHIFT meets with a cohort of 15 participants - age 14-18, twice per week - for one hour each session;


SHIFT physical fitness component covers the basic components - strength, coordination, stamina, speed and agility;  


Sessions include physical fitness workouts, and leadership development activities - with each participant completing assignments related to their appointed roles. 


SHIFT mentoring component is a collaboration with Unfamiliar Talent Inc., and includes group, one-to-one, and peer-to-peer mentoring sessions. Participants are required to participate in community service, leadership and life skills training, and literacy enrichment activities. SHIFT/Unfamiliar Talent Mentoring uses an holistic approach that complements the behavioral and physical fitness program activities.